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Councillor Contacts

Councillor David Cameron, the Lord Provost

Phone:  01224 346612

Mobile:  07876 760760

Email:  [email protected]

Councillor Steve Delaney, the Deputy Provost

Phone:  01224 694469 – home

Phone:  01224 346614 – Town House

Email:  [email protected]

Councillor Kate Blake

Phone:  01224 346616

Mobile:  07977 399530

Email:  [email protected]


Did you know that there are 4 units in Kingswells?

They are located outside the Chemist, inside the community centre, at the doctor’s surgery and more recently at Kingswells church.

We hope that these Defib units never need to be used, however regardless it is important that we know where the units are located and how to use them.  Whilst the unit itself will guide you through the process, additional training has recently been carried out by both Kingswells Community Council and Westhill and Kingswells First Responders.  We will be holding more training sessions in the future so watch out for these dates being advertised.

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